Axelle and her involvement in the change of Martinique

Axelle’s experience

Axelle is a 27-year-old Caribbean woman. She was born in Guadeloupe, moved to Martinique and at the age of 19, went to study at a business school in Reims and specialized in Communication and Marketing. She discovered Germany through an internship in Düsseldorf as part of her studies where she stayed three years, then lived a year and a few months in Berlin.

She liked her experience in Germany; she finds the Germans welcoming and they seem happier. She likes the fact of feeling free, of being able to dress as you want, whether eccentric or sexy, of being able to afford little pleasures more easily because life is not expensive. However, she decided to return to Martinique because she noticed that many problems were affecting her island.

Important political and environmental issues

The impact of clientelism in politics

It has a significant impact in Martinique. It is using your power for the benefit of your relatives, such as hiring a family member regardless of whether they are qualified or not. According to Axelle, you have to be of the right political party to move your projects forward. If you want to buy something from the city, for example, and you are not a member of a political party, there is a good chance that you will not receive public subsidies. Corruption also takes other forms. This system of corruption is also maintained by people who do everything to deter those who oppose it.

The island affected by pollution

Much remains to be done in the area of environmental protection. Starting with recycling. Above all, much of the land is polluted because for a long time chlordecone, which is a pesticide, was used to control the weevil in banana fields. The insect is capable of destroying several hectares of plantations in one year.

Its use was prohibited by France in 1989 but a derogation was obtained to continue to use it in the French islands. It has been shown that this pesticide causes and is at the origin of prostate cancer, breast cancer and premature babies on the island. This pesticide has also affected rivers and the coastline. Thus, it is found in food products, which are not edible. It is known and yet nothing or little is done.

Axelle considers that although they complain, the people of Martinique stay generally passive, which is all the more a reason for her to embark on her projects.

Several projects underway to move Martinique forward

Cosmetic products based on natural products, a coffee store concept that would enhance Martinican crafts, the opening of a shop without packaging to take part in the protection of the environment, or writing a book, Axelle does not lack projects. Axelle likes to inspire and wishes to do it with her projects to alleviate the difficulties that the island meets and to give the desire to the other people to launch themselves in their turn and to invest themselves more to make evolve the situation of Martinique.

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