Cassianne a woman full of positivity who watches over her community

Cassianne stands out for its positive attitude. When I spoke with her I felt good, welcomed, hopeful and energetic.

For a long time her passion was basketball. She was captain of the Cayman Islands national team. She always thought about coming to live in Europe. Possessing a British passport was easier. She, therefore, inquired how to join a team in Europe. She went to Bonn for a campus trial. Heidelberg’s coach wanted her to join the team. She stayed there for 6 months and then went to Berlin to join her ex boyfriend. Since then she hasn’t left, she feels free in this city, she can be herself, which was not the case in her native island.

The long road to acceptance

She didn’t always feel good about herself. Colorism rages in her island. Some people bleach their skin to be in the norm, they also think they will have more opportunity, more success.  Moreover, in the Caimans Islands, the majority of people are mostly light skin with curly hair. Many people made fun of her skin colour, her hair. Younger she did everything to look like her white best friend. Her mindset began to change when she went to the United States. Then, she ended up accepting herself completely when she came to Berlin. Why? The Black Berlin group community helped her to feel better and learned to love herself. How? How? offering each other gifts, meditating, connecting with God in his own way, complimenting each other, accepting her body.

Her book project to help people accept themselves

She does not want her daughter to go through what she has endured. That’s why she decided to embark on a new project, launching a series of children’s books. She is currently working on 10 books, 4 are written and one is illustrated. The series is called “Afro Kid”, which aims to encourage young black people to love each other. Many children are confronted with these prejudices that society imposes and that it is disturbing for these children. Many black people suffer from depression but in the community, few people go to a therapist, psychologist, few people ask for help. But in a way that makes it stronger.

Caring for the community is essential for her

Through these books, she hopes to help those children who feel better, to deal with these stereotypes, because they may feel helpless in the face of something that takes away their childhood innocence. She is a positive person who wants to help children of color to accept themselves as they are. It also looks after the people in the community when they face attacks. She was with people on the street. A couple arrives at them, one guy had tried to make the Hitler salute several times but his girlfriend had prevented it. Then he approaches the group and talks to the white people and tells them why you are with them. She stepped in and told them to leave.  The people thanked her. For her it’s normal we have to look out for each other.

Unity advocated despite the separation of communities

She is aware that there is a separation between the different black communities, there are many misunderstandings and misunderstandings. According to them, African people are the ones who are “free”, Caribbean people are the ones who fought for their freedom and African-Americans the ones who waited to be free. In the historical past, each of these groups reacts differently to racism and discrimination, to everything. In addition, many American people feel superior to the rest of the world, this can create even more distance and distrust. History has separated us, but Cassianne wants to make sure that we are united. Unity is a strength. She is not fooled, many people have taken advantage of her kindness, she knows where these limits are.  That doesn’t stop her from keeping an eye on the black community.

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