Mary, her philosophy and her point of view on Germany

Mary and her life in Berlin

Mary, a 21-year-old woman from Berlin, works as a recruitment consultant in IT. She lived most of her life in East Berlin, in the Marzahn district, renowned for its racism. Her father is Ghanaian and her mother is German. Having grown up with her mother, the German culture is more familiar to her. Nevertheless she hopes soon to go to Ghana, to discover this country. Indeed, she feels the need there, because a part of herself remains incomplete.

The climate is rather gloomy in Germany, according to her, many people do not enjoy their lives enough, as a lack of joy that is felt. It is probably due to an unfinished quest for happiness. As a matter of act, one do not change his daily life for what really makes happy, leaving room for frustration and discontent. Can we live the life we want?

How to find happiness?

For Mary, it is possible to live the life we would like, to enjoy it as soon as we really want it and if we believe in ourselves. Of course, it is easier for some than for others to take the step but it remains within everyone’s reach, according to her. To get there, relativizing is the key, being grateful and enjoying life with its ups and downs. In other words, we can sum it up as follows: find happiness and live a happy life.

How does she apply this philosophy on a daily basis?

She meditates a lot, even more, when she is going through a difficult time. Actually, to achieve happiness, we must free ourselves from our thoughts. That’s how she tries to step back, to tell herself that not everything revolves around her, that if she faces difficulties it is not the end of the world.
Happiness comes and goes, it doesn’t stay forever. Mary thinks that being unhappy or happy is a personal choice. Thus, she noticed that in Germany there is this mindset of complaining, of focusing on what is wrong with her life instead of looking on the bright side.

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Especially since winter depression is well-known in Germany. Lack of light affects the mood, you lack energy, of motivation. However, she feels that the most important thing is to put it into perspective by saying that the lack of light is not that serious. For Mary, being in low spirits persists by the fact that it is said how bad the weather is, that there is no light, to constantly have these negative thoughts and to share them.

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Despite this prevailing pessimism, optimism emerges when one looks at it from an economic point of view. The job market is doing well, although there are some differences between regions. It remains to be seen whether higher education is essential or not.

Is going to college really necessary to succeed professionally?

German high school students have a choice between universities and Fachhochschule. Today, having a future often means higher education. Nowadays, higher education is seen as a guarantee for a more promising future. Mary, who did her A-level (high school diploma), has decided to not to pursue her postgraduate studies. By realizing that studies were not particularly useful to her, she entered the workforce and works as a recruiter in the IT. She prefers to work now so, she doesn’t have to do it later. Also, she thinks she would be more likely to have a well-paid job than someone graduated with little work experiences.

Mary also noted that graduates have an attitude that is not adapted to the professional world since the university does not prepare them.
Instead, they are made to imply to students that they represent the future, the country’s elite. In professional life, however, this does not matter. It is not definitive, however, perhaps one day she will resume her studies. For the moment it is not on the agenda, it does not wish to project itself far into the future.

What is certain is that she would like to live abroad for a while to get out of her comfort zone. In fact, she does not feel she belongs in Germany. What matters is that she agrees with herself. What matters is that she is a centered person.

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