Music, a way to help others for Carolina.

From Guadalajara to Vienna

Carolina comes from Mexico, from Guadalajara, the second largest city located in western Mexico. After having worked as an au pair in Mexico and the United States, she decided to repeat the experience in Austria.
Falling under the spell of the Viennese capital, she decided to stay there for her career in music and music therapy. She is currently studying Opera at Richard Wagner conservatory.

Carolina’s Portrait

Opera’s world

Her interest in opera started by chance. Having no prior knowledge in classical music, she was introduced to the genre by a friend. Her initial reaction was that opera was over the top. Shortly afterward her curiosity was sparked and she began studying it. Vienna’s musical heritage makes it the “capital of classical music”. How do you study at the conservatory in a city with such an important classical musical heritage?

Vienna State Opera

Vienna State Opera – © WienTourismus/Christian Stemper

The studies last 8 years, in which theoretical course and singing lessons are given. From 1 hour to 2 hours per week, they take part in singing lessons. They do vocal exercises, learn how to use proprely the entire body, perfect their singing technique and then work on the interpretation. To do this, they must be able to speak English, German, Italian, Spanish and Latin.

Opera is often portrayed in a traditional and elitist way: To come to an Opera House, you have to dress with distinction, the entrance may not be affordable, it’s long to watch and boring. However, some opera directors are trying hard enough today to democratize it. The world of Opera may seem closed, conservative, bound to tradition. Carolina noticed it among the students. Many of them spend their time at the Opera, are not open to other musical genres. It’s a passion, which, in a way, blinds them, which is not the case with Carolina.

Carolina and her music

She rather sees her to make her career in contemporary music than Opera, since she does not use Opera singing technique, her music includes jazz and pop music genres. She recently recorded her latest song, which she will soon publish on Youtube. The song talks about a beaten woman who summons the courage to stop this situation and being independent. This song is several years old but it was hard to find a good producer. Music is an integral part of Carolina’s life, it is much more than a melody.
At the moment she i working in her creation of singing therapy.

Healing through music therapy

Music therapy is ” Therapy based on engagement in musical activities: the therapeutic use of music (as to reduce anxiety, improve cognitive functioning, promote physical rehabilitation, or enhance interpersonal communication) that typically involves listening to music, singing, playing musical instruments, or composing music”. Music therapy is done in two ways: receptive, listening to music and active, the person produces music. Seconding Carolina, the sound of music emits vibrations that connect to our emotions and can help relieve them. The elements that make up music (rhythm, frequency, intensity, musical structure) will trigger emotions.

Fractal Butterfly 004 – ©Andrew Ostrovsky

The patient begins to sing, lets her/his emotions run free. Meanwhile, Carolina observes what the patient is expressing and that’s when the work starts when Carolina starts asking questions. Music therapy can also help strengthen the bond between mothers and their babies, or people with psychological disorders. Carolina has diverse and varied interests, which she uses in her job. She intends to travel to discover other ways to heal.

Alternative healing methods

This year, Carolina plans to go to South America, looking for new experiences and broaden her knowledge. She wants to know more about non-traditional care methods or other forms of therapy. So she plans to travel to find out more.  Shamanism, family constellation, Reiki are some of the methods that leave some professionals from other more “conventional” disciplines, doubtful in contrast to Carolina.

Image associée
Healing with water

Her goal is to be inspired by these alternative methods, including ancestral healing techniques. Indigenous knowledge is very popular in Mexico, there are different techniques used, with stone, water or sacred plants.

The most important thing for her is to help others through her melodic therapy.

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