TY NICOLE and her passion for entrepreneurship

Are you passionate about entrepreneurship? You are not the only ones. A few months ago, I met Ty Nicole in Madrid, a North American entrepreneur, who changed her career to devote to her passion: entrepreneurship. During my stay in Madrid, I had already met an entrepreneur, Cassandra Le, who heads the “The Quirky Pineapple Studio”. Here is another, Ty Nicole, 31, an entrepreneur, in real estate management. 

Portrait of Ty Nicole – ©Aissa Sica

Entrepreneurship, a family story

Entrepreneurship has always been familiar to Ty Nicole. Her grandparents used to be also entrepreneurs for a long time, by owning two stores. Then, she already knew that working in a company and being subordinated to a manager was not for her.

When Ty Nicole saw her father regularly renovating their house, she came up with the idea of starting a real estate management business. Today, Ty Nicole owns three properties in a few cities in the United States, Atlanta, Chicago, and Florida.

The one, in Chicago, has a particular value, as it was inherited from her grandparents. Her grandmother always talked to her about the value of legacy and its contribution to generational wealth. “Quite often it occurs that deceased family members do not leave a will, which may potentially lead to their properties being either auctioned off or sold because the family does not care to l deal with it. To me, it feels like we are just selling away our legacy”, she says. 

Through her real estate activities, Ty Nicole aims to invest in the predominantly black neighborhoods, which all too often become quickly gentrified in the United States and make it difficult for the black community to access housing. 

Ty Nicole wasn’t always an entrepreneur. After her studies in insurance, she worked for 7 years in two insurance companies, first at State Farm and then at Farmers Insurance Group, as an insurance claims manager. When a weather catastrophe happens, she assisted the policy owners by investigating and to assess the damages. It was a highly demanding and very stressful job, which regularly resulted in extensive work hours and unwanted migraines. After 7 years in the insurance industry, she no longer held the same passion and decided to leave the industry in November 2018, to fulfill her dreams. 

Resignation for a new life in Madrid

Ty Nicole doesn’t quit on a whim. She wanted to do an MBA to perfect her knowledge of entrepreneurship, and learn Spanish, to develop her micro-business and create new ones. She eventually found an MBA that matched her at the IE Business School in Madrid, a well-known school in the business world. It is a one-year MBA in entrepreneurship, in which students benefit from a program tailored to their needs. Ty Nicole is in Madrid not only to study but also to embark on new entrepreneurial projects. With her best friend, they created an investment group as they want to build a long-term investment portfolio for micro or macro companies. They also want to expand their activities into international real estate, or commercial real estate, and build an application in which users can see all the information about their investments. 

Ty Nicole recently presents to the opening ceremony of the incoming MBA class at IE University.

Even if Ty Nicole is passionate about entrepreneurship, she doesn’t limit herself to this field. Her curiosity led her to try other experiences such as being a bartender or more recently launching her YouTube channel displaying her journey relocating and living as an African-American in Spain.

An entrepreneur but not only 

After her resignation. Ty Nicole did not want to go back to work in the corporate world. She wanted to have time for herself, at the same time doing something that could bring her money, while having fun. Being a bartender turned out to be what she was looking for. She passed the exam and worked as a bartender for a few months in corporate events, lounges and clubs. Ty Nicole loves the night world but also knows its excesses. 

Surgery is one of them. Many bartender women do cosmetic surgery to better meet beauty standards: young, tall, long hair, thin, good breasts, tightened nose.

Ty Nicole doesn’t see any problems as long as they do it for themselves and not for others. “Being in nightlife can impact you at so many levels, you are forced to compare constantly yourself since your appearance matters a lot. What are the reasons for you to do have bigger lips or bigger boobs? Do you do it for yourself or to attract more attention?” she says. “Make good money, don’t make it a life-time career and have a plan,”

Ty Nicole always knew she would know how to be an entrepreneur. Sometimes the vocation is known immediately, sometimes not. For those who would like to become entrepreneurs, she would advise “ to stay focused, no matter what tribulations you may go through and network. It’s going to be the best way to accomplish those goals by meeting diverse individuals that can add value and resources to aid you  to accomplish those goals.”